MBWhatsApp APK 9.54 Download Latest Official (2023)

MBWhatsApp APK is a custom package named app by the Fouad iOS developer to run dual accounts on the same android device.

Have you ever wondered why people are obsessed with WhatsApp, yet other platforms have proven better at providing quality user-based features? The answer is quite simple and has nothing to do with its policy’s complex settings or privacy traits. The app is popular because it’s easy to use.

Unlike most messaging applications, WhatsApp is a way of life for people looking for simplicity in sending and receiving information. Instead of building an entirely new interface, the platform copies various SMS texting services to create a pleasant, simple, and user-friendly UI with end-to-end encryption.

However, just because it’s famous among users doesn’t mean it’s perfect. There have been many complaints and requests for additional features to improve the platform’s privacy and user experience. While some of these suggestions have been worked on, the developers still have a long way to go.

This is why other WhatsApp versions, also known as mods, exist to substitute its services. One of the most popular WhatsApp mods that give users control of their communication is the MBWhatsApp APK.


What is MBWhatsApp APK?

MBWhatsApp is a mod version of the original Facebook-owned WhatsApp application. This APK lets people modify their communication on the platform by providing above-standard messaging and privacy options for a better and much more desired user experience.

To put it simply, whatever unique features and settings are on the original WhatsApp application, MBWhatsApp aims at upgrading them and providing additional options that better the user experience and provide desirable functionality in the exchange of information online.

Furthermore, users don’t have to uninstall their original WhatsApp application to make way for the MBWhatsApp mod APK. You can easily download and install this modified version alongside its official Fouad iOS app and run two accounts simultaneously.

App Details

DeveloperStefano YG
Size50 MB
Last updatedMarch 03, 2023

Download MBWhatsApp APK Latest Version for Android

Of course, there are many speculations about using WhatsApp-inspired mods for their advanced features. One of these myths states that your WhatsApp account is likely to get banned once developers detect your mod. However, one of the most useful features incorporated into MBWhatsApp APK is its anti-ban properties. This feature masks your use of the mod alongside the official application allowing you to use both apps simultaneously and maintain two accounts without being banned.

Other features with this WhatsApp mod include advanced chat privacy options such as blocking the deleted message function, reading deleted messages, and freezing your last seen time. There are also hundreds of themes, emojis, and stickers alongside other customization options. MBWhatsApp provides you with many more advanced options otherwise unavailable on the official application. To get the most out of these features, always ensure you install any new updates released for the mod. Download the latest version of MBWhatsApp APK from the link provided below.


Copy Caption


You can now copy any captions on other people’s statuses to your clipboard and use them for your status or other intentions.

Profile Photo


MBWhatsApp has included various options when users want to change their profile photos. Apart from the device’s camera and gallery, you can now use emojis and stickers for your profile photo or select the “search web” option to find one online.

Reactions Feature


MBWhatsApp now allows you to react to any message in your inbox using emojis without typing a reply. Simply long-press the intended message and choose your desired emoji for a reaction. You can also customize emoji reactions by choosing from one to more emojis or a text that can be used to react to the sender’s messages.

Pause & Resume Voice Notes


You can always pause it and resume listening from the last point whenever someone sends you a voice note, even after exiting that chat.

Message A New Number

MBWhatsApp lets you message a new number you haven’t saved on your device.

Airplane Mode


MBWhatsApp comes with an airplane mode feature that prevents sending or receiving messages without manually turning on airplane mode on your device or restricting the app’s data usage from your phone’s settings.

Auto Reply


The auto-reply is an advanced feature that allows you to create automatic replies for various messages depending on the pre-set instructions. You can even customize the text sent and the amount of time it should be delayed. Furthermore, you can choose a specific contact/group or both to which this feature will be active.

Freeze Last Seen


Your last seen status informs people of your recent activity on WhatsApp. If you are hoping to ignore a few messages for a later time, this status can betray your intentions by notifying the sender of the last time you were seen online. MBWhatsApp allows you to freeze your last seen status, preventing other uses in your contact list from knowing whether or not you are currently online.

Anti-View Once


WhatsApp developers recently added a new privacy feature that lets users send media files to allow the receiver to view them only once before they are deleted immediately. However, MBWhatsApp provides you with an anti-view once option that will enable you to open search ” view once” messages unlimited times.

Disable Forward Tag


Whenever you send a message on a media file from one sheet to another, a forwarded tag usually appears at the top. This tag informs the receiver that the intended message was forwarded from another party and is not your original creation or idea. However, you can disable this tag using MBWhatsApp privacy settings for all forwarded messages.

Who Can Call Me?


Usually, anyone in your contact list can call you using WhatsApp calls. Using MBWhatsApp call settings, you can select the parties allowed to call you. These options include:

  • Everyone
  • My contacts
  • My contacts except…
  • Select contacts
  • Nobody

Hide View Status

This option prevents your contacts from knowing whenever you viewed the status through the viewers’ list. With this setting, you can watch as many statuses as you want, and no one will know that you saw there’s.

Anti-Delete Status


Statuses are always deleted 24 hours after being posted. Alternatively, users can manually delete their statuses before this period expires. MBWhatsapp allows you to prevent statuses/stories from being deleted for you even after the expected posting period expires.

Anti-Delete Messages

Users can delete messages before the receiver gets a chance to read them. You can prevent this feature with MBWhatsApp allowing you to read all deleted messages without the sender’s knowledge.

Show Blueticks After Reply


Blue ticks are usually a sign of already-read messages on WhatsApp. However, sometimes we might not always have an immediate answer to a text. Therefore, this option lets your contacts only see the blue ticks after you reply to their messages.

Contact/Group/Broadcast Privacy Settings

These options allow you to hide blue ticks, hide the second stick, hide the blue microphone icon, and hide the typing and recording tags from others in your inbox.

WhatsApp Lock


Instead of locking the app from your phone settings, MBWhatsApp allows you to hands the app security using your fingerprint, button, or PIN, from the app’s interface. You can also change the pattern, make it invisible, and disable vibration. Furthermore, users can set a recovery question that allows them to reset a forgotten PIN or pattern.

Final Words

Updates are released regularly to introduce additional improvements to the platform. Be sure to install them whenever you’re notified of any. If you want complete control over your messaging and chat privacy, and other customizable options, download and install MBWhatsApp on your Android device today. Experience the ultimate version of online messaging with preferences and settings unlike any other.

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